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SOS Social Centres in Armenia

In Armenia there are currently three Social Centres for children and the local community, in Gjumri, Yerevan and Idjevan.  Many SOS Social Centres operate via Family Strengthening Programmes, which aim to support the wider community.  Below is some information about the Social Centres that SOS Children runs in Armenia:

SOS Social Centres around Armenia: In-Depth

Child supported by SOS Social Centre FSP in ArmeniaGjumri, Yerevan and Idjevan

Description of SOS Social Centres/FSP’s:

Since 2006, SOS Children's Villages Armenia has initiated family strengthening programmes in Gjumri (April 2006), Yerevan (January 2007) and Idjevan (January 2008). These programmes offer support to families who are at risk of abandoning their children and enable children to grow within a caring family environment. Together with local authorities and other service providers, SOS Children's Villages supports families and helps them to take good care of their children.

Work and Achievements:

By the end of 2009, the number of children has increased, 288 children are in our programme in Yerevan, 282 children - in Gyumri and another 237 children in Idjevan.

Based on the objectives set up during the Family development plans, SOS has signed agreements with the families and provided multi-professional assistance, be it related to social, psychological, legal, health or education issues. Many interesting, useful and educational excursions have been carried out for the children, and in general much is done for the families to make them feel safe and unified. The food package provision has become an important tool towards the development of the targeted families. Psychological assessment and rehabilitation of the children, organization of clubs, after-school activities and excursions, provision of the textbooks and stationary, referring children to the medical centers for health checks and providing with medicines, improvement of living conditions, provision of food, hygienic packages and clothes – these are the practical part of the activities carried out for children. Parallel to those activities were also the inseparable part of the work of SOS teams, namely - social-legal consultations, organization of parental skills trainings, organization of vocational trainings and referring to the job centers, psychological assessment and rehabilitation, provision of medicines whenever needed.  Numerous beneficiary parents have been included in the courses of English, computer skills, hairdressing and cookery. And thanks to our assistance, since January, two of them have luckily managed to find jobs. Many legal consultations have been provided to the families in need.


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